COVID-19 United States Data Visualizations Using Heat Maps
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Welcome To My Automated Covid-19 Visualization Website

Above is the most recent county cases heat map.

Above is the most recent state cases heat map.

Above is the most recent global total cases heat map. (Grey/blank areas have no reporting available include Somaliland, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Antarctica)

Above is the most recent global cases per 100k population heat map. (Grey/blank had no population data found)

This is a web app that visualizes COVID-19 using heat maps. The maps are primarily US based. This web app is owned by Daniel Karasek. If you have a question or have feed back, contact me. Check the About section for dataset resources and info on the types of graphs found on this website.

This website is fully-automated. I created a workflow to generate the daily maps and push them to the site daily. This helps ensure the maps are always updated with the newest daily info.

I made this web app to display covid data so people can better understand what is going on around them. There are a lot of data resources out there about covid but not a lot of simple visual plots. I want people to better understand how covid is spreading around them. This site has maps of both covid cases by county and state and covid Rt by state. I think my Rt visuals are the best representations of Rt out there. I hope you find this web app useful.

Stay safe.

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